Tulp Group is a lending platform with a multi-lender, multi-servicer and multi-product strategy. We are innovative, work on a IT driven platform and we are a (mortgage) lender with a personal client approach.


Tulp Group operates in multiple markets, Residential Owner-occupied mortgages, Buy-to-let mortgages and has the intention to expand to Leasing and Consumer Credit

Our services

Customization to your wishes

The lender platform of Tulp Group can support and/or completely take over management of (existing) loan portfolio’s
• Supported by the broad experience of the team, a multi-servicer management strategy is in place that can be expanded
• In-house knowledge of portfolio management in mortgages, consumer credit and non-performing loans
• Duty of care and KIFID monitoring is included in the Mortgage Control Framework of Tulp Group, performed by Fortrum
• First line compliance and automated audit on underwriting with digital check lists, an unique system in the Dutch mortgage industry

Master servicing

Tulp Hypotheken acts as the master servicer for Tulpenhuis [x] B.V.

  • All loans are monitored in the Stater system from application onwards
  • Tulpenhuis [x] B.V. is the actual lender of record
  • Tulp Hypotheken arranged a sub-servicer agreement with Stater for primary servicing
  • Tulp Hypotheken arranged a sub-servicer agreement with Hypocasso for special servicing with strict oversight by Tulp

Primary servicing

  • Tulp’s underwriting process is supported by Stater’s “rules based” credit underwriting system
  • Stater is the largest third party mortgage servicer in the Netherlands, servicing 1.3 million loans, total volume of €300 billion and>1,400 FTE. Stater holds a market share of appr. 37%
  • Proven track record, ratings for servicing; Fitch rating (RPS1-), ISAE 3402, ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 certified
  • Stater acts as the (primary) servicer for appr. 40 Dutch lenders and for many Dutch RMBS transactions
  • Stater’s shareholders are Infosys (75%) and ABN AMRO (25%)

Special servicing

  • Mender (100% Stater) has a proven track record: Rated RSS2 by Fitch and performs servicing for over 15 mortgage labels
  • The HypoCasso process is rigorous, and highly business-rule driven
  • Fully automated activities (e.g. reporting of special situations to NHG)
  • HypoCasso is fully embedded in the Stater domain and uses all Stater IT infrastructure and Security, it also has an identical RiskFramework

Master servicing De Nederlandse

  • De Nederlandse acts as the master servicer for DNL1 B.V., all loans are monitored in the BCM Global system from application onwards.
  • DNL1 B.V. is the actual lender of record.
  • De Nederlandse arranged a delegated sub-servicer agreement with BCM Global for primary and special servicing with oversight by De Nederlandse.