With our business partners we go for the best possible services


Stater is our partner in primary servicing. Tulp’s underwriting process is supported by Stater’s “rules based” credit underwriting system. 

Stater is the largest third party mortgage servicer in the Netherlands, servicing 1,3 million loans, with a total volume of € 300 billion and a market share of 37%. They have a proven track record and high ratings for servicing. Stater acts as the (primary) services for approximately 40 Dutch lenders and for many Dutch RMBS transactions. The shareholders are Infosys and ABN AMRO.


Mender (100% Stater) has a proven track record in special servicing. Tey are rated RSS2 by Fitch and perform servicing for over 15 mortgage labels. The Mender process is rigorous and highly business-rule driven. Their activities are fully automated, like reporting special situations to NHG. Mender is fully integrated in the Stater domain, which provides smooth interaction concerning Risk Framework and IT.


Our partner Vistra helps businesses that do good, do better. As a leading fund administrator and corporate service provider, they work together with companies like Tulp Group, making a difference in the world, whether they’re developing new technology, new ways of investing or new ways of working.

Behind their work, you’ll find Vistra managing and securing their entities so they can employ more people, expand into new markets, improve their productivity and structure their businesses more efficiently.
• 5000 + Professionals
• 45 + Jurisdictions
• 200 k Legal entities under management
• 395 $bn Assets under administration


Founded in 2018, Fortrum is a leading pan European Risk Consultancy Specialist at the heart of a dynamic and evolving lending market. They support both domestic and international clients from a foundation of deep, local expertise driven by true understanding of their needs and goals.

Fortrum offers a full suite of services in three main categories – Due Diligence, Portfolio Management and Consultancy. While consistency of excellence and delivery is critical, they also ensure that otheir services are tailored to the specific needs of the clients like Tulp Group. Above all Fortrum is driven by the core values of integrity, independence and expertise.